The Cat Butt has been featured in the following magazines and websites:

“2 Forks Design’s Nip-in-the-Butt catnip toy ($9) is a tribute to founder/designer Susie Yang’s late cat Nemo. Made by hand, each brightly coloured felt toy is triple-stitched (no toxic blue) and filled with local catnip from Maple Ridge.”  — Vancouver Magazine



“We love these handmade cat butt catnip toys! They are made of felt and are available in eight colours. Buy for around £3.97 each from 2forksdesign at” — YourCat Magazine (UK)

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“Butt Kisser. What’s the best way to get your cat off your butt? By giving her a butt to play with. The handmade Nip-in-the-Butt toy has four layers of felt and is padded and stuffed with fiberfill and catnip. Your cat will be entertained and kissing butt in no time. $7. 2 Forks Design; /”  — Catster Magazine (Formerly Cat Fancy Magazine)