Butterfly Crinkly Mat


Velvety print fabric
Polyester Wadding
Ultra Potent Catnip from Mapleridge, BC, Canada
Plastic buttons


Length (from foot to tail): 28"
Width (the widest part): 13"
Weight: 6 ½ oz (180 g)


Adult Cats and kittens. Possibly small dogs.


To maintain the shape and the noise level, it is best to use a wet towel to spot clean just the surface. When a thorough wash is necessary, hand wash with mild laundry detergent. Do not rub too vigorously to avoid destroying the crinkly material inside. carefully squeeze out excess water (do not twist) and lay flat to dry. (It may take a few days for the mat to dry completely.)


Kitty cats will love playing with this beautiful one-of-a-kind Cat Butt crinkly mat, rolling on it biting it and gripping it with their paws. They will also sleep on it when they are done playing with it. The crinkle noise catches their attention as soon as they step on it. The catnip in the “butt” (a very small amount) will make them fall instantly in love.


The Cat Butt Crinkly Mats are each hand-made from various fabrics. I choose only comfortable fabrics, usually velvety animal prints or fleece. The re-purposed buttons are carefully chosen to match the characteristics of each particular fabric.



This Butterfly Crinkly Mat has two different sides with two similar but different buttons. Other than the crinkly material, the mat is also stuffed with a few layers of fiberfill to add to the comfort.


*The crinkly mat will slowly lose its thickness with use, especially if your kitty has been using it as a bed and/or it has been washed. The crinkly noise will remain even when it’s flattened. You may “fluff up” the crinkly mat by carefully scrunching it. If you intend to use this mat as a bed and the crinkly noise isn’t the priority, I also make Cat Butt kitty beds of the same size but different fabrics. The kitty bed is designed to take more weight, and will be much more long-lasting as a bed.


My kitty TinTin is a large and very long 14lb cat. You can see how your kitty might fit on the mat from the photos.