Door Knob Scratch-my-butt

(Available Soon)


Wooden plank
Sisal rope
Jute rope
Homemade glue, made from rice powder


Width: 8 1/2"
Height: 19 1/2"
Weight: Approx. 1lb 2oz.


Adult cats and kittens
Humans (as wall décor!)


Training your cat to use the scratcher

There is a small amount of catnip on the “butt” area of the scratcher. It may draw your cat’s attention to investigate. While you have the cat’s attention, dangle a peacock feather or fishing-rod type toy in front of the scratcher so she will put her paws on the rope and feel the rough texture. You may also run your own nails over the rope to create a scratching sound to entice your cat to do the same. Rub more catnip on the scratcher periodically if necessary.

Play with your cat around the scratcher regularly until she starts to use it on her own.

If your cat is used to scratching on a horizontal surface, it is best to train her while the scratcher is laying on the floor before hanging it on the door knob.


These cat butt scratchers are not only modern and stylish they also free up lots of precious floor space. Kitty cats love the texture of sisal rope. The texture is rougher than carpet so it’s best for removing the dead outer layer of the claws. It is also much stronger and more durable than cardboard. It is the most recommended material for a cat scratcher.

The scratchers are all hand-made, including the glue we use! They are first cut from a wooden plank and carefully wrapped with sisal and jute ropes to create a “tabby” effect. The ropes are glued onto the plank using home-made edible glue to ensure the safety of your precious kitty. There is a little bit of catnip near the “X” to attract the kitty’s attention.


These door-knob scratchers are designed to hang over a door knob. Installation is super easy. All you need is to hang the tail over a door knob and secure it with the ropes attached.