Leopard Cat Bed

(Available Soon)


Velvety fur print fabric
1" cushion foam
Polyester Wadding
Plastic or wooden buttons


Length (from foot to tail): 29"
Width (the widest part): 13"
Thickness: 1 ¾”
Weight: 7 ½ oz (213 g)


Adult cats, kittens and small dogs


Machine wash cold in gentle cycle. Wash separately. No bleach. Lay flat to dry, or run it in the dryer on low heat until it is almost dry and then lay flat.


Keep your beloved cat (or small dog) cozy and stylish! This Cat Butt Cat Bed will soften any surface. If your kitty cat likes to find weird places to snooze, this bed is the perfect solution. It is light weight, easy to be moved to any spot in the house, even one the kitty isn’t supposed to be on! The high-quality cushion foam will keep its shape for years. It is a softening solution for anywhere in the house. If your cat is a traveller, like our Nemo, this Cat Butt bed will carry her scent anywhere to make her feel safe and comfortable. It will reduce the stress from the travel.



The Cat Butt Cat Beds are each hand-made from various fabrics. I choose only comfortable fabrics, usually velvety animal prints or fleece. The re-purposed buttons are carefully chosen to match the characteristics of each particular fabric. I only make a couple of cat beds with each fabric (if not just one). Even with the same fabric, the patterns on each Cat Butt Cat Bed are different.


Other than the high-quality cushion foam the cat bed is also stuffed with four layers of fiberfill to add to the comfort. All Cat Butt Cat Beds have the same fabric and buttons on both sides.


*There is NO catnip in the Cat Butt Cat Bed
** My kitty TinTin is a large and very long 14lb cat. You can see how your kitty might fit on the bed from the photos.