Mini-me Catnip Toy


Polyester Wadding
Ultra Potent Catnip from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
Cotton Embroidery Floss


Height: 5 1/4"
Width: 2"
Weight: 6 g


Adult cats and kittens


Because of the sandpaper texture of kitty cat's tongue (and the fact that the lucky kitty will lick the Cat Butt like crazy!) you will notice that the fabric gets pulled out over time. Just grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut the fabric off. The Cat Bull will be ready to go again. Put the Cat Butt, or any other toys, away when your kitty is done playing. That way the toy will last longer and it will be a nice surprise for your kitty when next she sees it again.


All cats deserve a Mini-me! These Mini-me catnip toys are designed to match your cat’s colouring so your cat can chase his/her miniature version around the house.

The Nip-in-the-Butt is handmade from four layers of felt, padded and stuffed with fiberfill and 100% local catnip. It is stitched multiple times for extra playtime durability. No glues are used. It is approx. 5 1/4″ tall and 2″ wide. All Mini-me’s, except the Tortie & Calico, have the same colour on both sides.


My own kitty TinTin has tested the Sand/ginger tabby Mini-me and approves it with a pool of drool.

*Please note that white felt attracts dust/dirt like a magnet. A white Cat Butt toy becomes dirty very quickly.